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【PS3】End of Eternity

Battling Obama Til The End

I am so sad to hear of your loss, but even sadder that your father's last concern was about politics and not all eternity; where things of this world no ... (続きを読む)

End of Big Brother – What else is on?

He failed his final ever task, and is now quite rightly condemned to living on a basic shopping budget for eternity. Old age comes to us all, and we are all ... (続きを読む)

Valleyview interchange work delayed

... it must feel like an eternity since the city announced it would build such a route. Residents will now have to wait even longer. City officials hoped to ... (続きを読む)

【雑記】2010年9月19日 Vivid Station

感想完了【は】 行 B型H系 (12). ◆.感想完了【ま】 行 迷い猫オーバーラン! (13). ◆.アニメ評価 2010年度春版アニメ評価【6作品】 (1). ◆.アニメ評価 2010年度夏版アニメ評価【8作品】 (1). ◆.ゲーム感想 End of Eternity (10). ◆.雑記 雑記 (37) ...(続きを読む)

Eternal love in kanji - Japanese Element Symbols | Kanji symbols

*Both "EIEN" and "EIKYUU" mean "The eternity continues". *"EIEN" has neither start nor the end. *"EIEN" is the word chiefly used for feelings of the human race and the animal. *"EIKYUU" is the word chiefly used for machine(equipment) ...(続きを読む)

.アニメ評価 2010年度夏版アニメ評価【8作品】 Vivid Station

感想完了【あ】 行 WORKING!! (13). ◆.感想完了【か】 行 kiss×sis (12). ◆.感想完了【は】 行 B型H系 (12). ◆.感想完了【ま】 行 迷い猫オーバーラン! (13). ◆.アニメ評価 2010年度春版アニメ評価 (2). ◆.ゲーム感想 End of Eternity (10) ...(続きを読む)

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